About the Dragonsessed Girl

Hey there! I’m a 14 year-old girl who is obsessed to the point of no return with dragons. If I were to spontaneously become a dragon, my name would be Echogreen, so that’s what you can call me (or shorten it to Echo, I don’t care).

Here are a couple things about my blog posts:

  1. They’re mostly whatever comes to mind
  2. Updates might be sporadic
  3. At the end of each blog post, there will be a line from a book I’m writing called “Neos”
  4. Dragon will probably be mentioned in every blog post

So that was actually four things, but whatever. How about a couple rules and guidelines to make sure everyone’s stay is pleasant?

  • The thoughts and opinions on the blog posts (unless there’s a thing marked “Guest Post”) are my own opinions. They’re neither right nor wrong, so don’t say I have a wrong opinion, please. 😛
  • I believe in God, and because of this, my writing will reflect Him. If you have a problem with this, don’t read.
  • Don’t be an asshole to people, please. It’s not nice and people DO have feelings.
  • Minimize the cursing if you have to curse. Every other word doesn’t have to be a curse word. Find some other word instead!
  • Don’t bash other people because of what they think. It’s not a very nice feeling.
  • Please do not try and change my stand point on certain things. There’s a high percentage that I won’t budge from my standpoint because I’m a stubborn ox.
  • Dragons are real.

Enjoy your stay!



The wings of the morning was the most glorious thing to see in Arakno.

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